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Device System main component 1, Dosing system 2, Mixture system 3, Control system 4, Filter system 5, Alarm system 6, Safety system 7, Pipeline system Special Performance 鈾?Full-featured, safe, stable performance. 鈾?Set-mounted for easy transportation, installation and maintenance. 鈾?Using stainless steel and UPVC corrosion materials for long service life. 鈾?Independent control cabinet for manual control, automatic control and remote control. Control and Selecting Types 鈾?About Control: dosing equipment systems can be controlled by independent control cabinets. Electric appliance parts in electric cabinets are high quality import or domestice products for good performance. 鈾?Control methods have following choices: 鈶?Manual Control: this type of control method has stable performance and low cost advantages. All electric appliance parts are started and stopped by hand operation. 鈶?Semiatuomatic Control: Aequipment can be started when receiving signals of flow level, fault and program, all electrical parts will chain, alarm and stop. 鈶?Automatic Control: automatic operation function; PID controls the whole procedure from dispensing to dosing to checking to feedback and correcting. 鈾?Remote Control: Automatic Dosing Phosphate Mixture Equipment Device System is equipped with remote monitoring and control functions( need to specify when ordering). The status of metering pumps, mixers, valves and other electromagnetic equipments can be sent by hard-wiring to the control room. A dosing equipment system that is equipped with a PLC can connect enterprise ethernet to share information withfield instruments, upper monitors, touch panels, IPC, PC and inverters. ModelCapacity (m3)Flow rate (L/h)Discharge pressure (MPa)Motor Power (KW)Diameter (mm)Size L脳B脳H(mm) BHJY-1脳0.25-16/1.0-10.25161.00.55DN151500脳700脳1300 BHJY-1脳0.5-32/2.4-10.5322.40.55DN201600脳1000脳1500 BHJY-1脳1-48/1.0-11481.00.55DN152000脳1200脳2000 BHJY-1脳1.5-125/0.8-11.51250.80.55DN252200脳1600脳2100 BHJY-1脳2-310/2.0-123102.01.1DN252200脳1600脳2200 BHJY-1脳0.25-22/10-10.25221.01.5DN151500脳700脳1300 BHJY-1脳0.5-38/6.4-10.5386.41.5DN201600脳1000脳1500 BHJY-1脳1-62/4.0-11.0624.01.5DN252000脳1200脳2000 BHJY-1脳1.5-78/1.0-11.5781.01.5DN402200脳1600脳2100 BHJY-1脳2-390/1.0-12.03901.01.5DN402200脳1600脳2200Buy Dosing Equipment website:

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